10 Reasons Why People Love Clothing by Tani

Here are 10 great reasons why our customers at Urban Cachet keep coming back to us for Tani clothing, tops, dresses, leggings and underwear:

 Reason #1: Breathable Fabric

The MicroModal is made from Austrian Beechwood and is a renewable resource.

It is the lightest and finest cellulose fibre, with amazing characteristics of being breathable and not conducive to holding moisture or odour. 

Reason #2: Silk Touch

It takes Europe’s most sophisticated fine-gauge knitting machines to produce this extraordinary fabric. It’s thinner than silk. It’s softer than silk. It’s far more durable than silk. 

Reason #3: True to Size

The stretch fabric allows for an easy fit garment. Depending on the shape of the style whether it is a fitted body style for layering or a relaxed fit style to be worn as an outer garment Tani is a true to fit garment.

Reason #4: Durable

 Tani garments are durable and require minimum maintenance.

Reason #5: Easy care

Tani Garments are made to suit every woman's busy life. Wash and wear being the key lifestyle factor. 

 Reason #6: Great for travelling

Absolutely perfect for travelling, lounging and sleeping. Being a breathable fabric it will help keep you feeling fresh for longer.

Reason #7: Great range

The Tani range is a wide and varied one. From your three different length leggings to the various body fitting tops, or the more voluminous swing tops there is a piece that will suit all body shapes.

Reason #8: Seasonal prints

Each season Tani produces a print on its famous base cloth. From the urban Metro Print to the fun Dotty print there is always a surprise in store for all.

Reason #9: Great for the environment.

 Oh, and it's also biodegradable. Being made from a wood cellulose.

Reason #10: Amazing Customer Service

We offer the most knowledgable and Tani experienced team to help you with whatever selections and questions you may have.  We also offer Express Post delivery.