Eribe Knitwear Design Scotland

  ERIBÉ knitwear creates contemporary luxury knitwear that is rooted in the Scottish heritage tradition from their home in the beautiful Scottish Borders. Established 33 years ago, this knitwear design house has an avid fan-base around the world. 

All their pieces are designed to fit in with your lifestyle and your wardrobe. The creations are knitwear that puts a contemporary twist on traditional Scottish clothing. 

They love to mix patterns, colour's and yarns together in an innovative way to create quality knitwear that will last and is a joy to wear.

Fairisle knitting originated around 1850 and ERIBÉ knitwear has reinvented this century-old knitting technique to create a contemporary twist on tradition. Fairisle patterns can contain up to 10 colours that are as individual as you are.

ERIBÉ's pieces are made using the knowledge that has been passed down from one generation to the next. The products are designed to be sustainable and last for years to come. The knitwear not only looks and feels great, but they are also crafted from quality natural yarns spun in Britain.

Natural fibres such as lambswool and merino are used in their designs to keep you warm during the cool months.