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Earth Greetings

Earth Greetings create 100% Earth friendly products with the lightest possible footprint.

Earth Greetings recognise that printing and paper production has the potential to cause many and varied detrimental environmental effects, and is a significant contributor to global warming. 

One of the biggest single threats to forests is their conversion into woodchips, pulp and paper. When we destroy forests, we destroy the homes of many native animal and plant species. Our oceans, waterways and their inhabitants are being polluted and damaged by exposure to toxic paper mill effluent & printer waste.

Additionally, the Earth and its oceans are filling up with plastic waste which is having a catastrophic effect on wildlife.

Whilst we believe that consuming less should be our ultimate aim, buying nothing is not always practical. Our goal at Earth Greetings is to do the absolute best we can to ensure we are treading as lightly on the Earth as possible when we create our products, and in doing so provide you with a genuinely Earth friendly alternative.