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Welcome to Episode 14 of Gin O'Clock!

Hey Style Icon! 

Let's chat pants!

We have reloaded our favourite Up! Pants that are made in Australia.

Just for reference, I (Dee) usually wear a 12 top and 12 bottom in brands such as Tani and Foil. Carmela normally wears a 12 to 14 top and size 12 bottom. 

 👗 All products featured in the video can be found here:

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📦 We are still taking orders and dispatching the orders when they come in.

🏠 Store pickup is available and has been added as an option at checkout. If you are in the local area, please select this option and we can either arrange a time for you to pick up or even drop it off at your house.
✈ Shipping may take a little longer at during this time with the couriers and Australia Post. This is out of our control unfortunately.
❤ Thank you for being so patient with us and thank you for all your love and support!

Please leave us a comment or two and let us know what you like about the video, what you think can improve and any other products you'd like to see.

Thank you

Dee & Carmela

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Kathryn Nixon
Kathryn Nixon

July 18, 2020

Just love your video every week. It is one of the things I look for every Saturday morning. The two of you wearing the garments just makes them so much more accessible and attractive somehow. Thanks for the new COVID safety restrictions. I have just read that my blood type might put me in a more risky position than other blood types! What next! Thanks again and I wish you so much success in these dismal times.

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